Visit Transylvania – Bran Village and Dracula’s Castle

Visit Transylvania during our amazing tours and discover the most impressive Dracula related highlights. Arguably the star of our itineraries is Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle thanks to Bram Stoker’s novel. The Irish author describes the title character’s residence based on a photo of Bran Castle. In real life, Vlad the Impaler actually had little to no connections with this castle.

Visit Transylvania – Brief history of Dracula’s Castle


Bran Castle’s history begins in the 13th century. Apparently, the initial citadel existing in its location was built by the Teutonic Knights. First documents attesting its existence are dated at the beginning of the 13th century. At some point, Sigismund of Luxembourg, Emperor of Germany and King of Hungary, offered the castle to Wallachia. However, in 1427, the Hungarian monarchy regained control of Bran Castle and then they built a series of fortifications and extensions. Starting with 1498, the Hungarians rented the castle back to the rulers of Brasov.

In more recent history, one notable event stands out. In 1920, Brasov city council donated Bran Castle to Queen Mary of Romania as gratitude for her role in the 1918 Unification which brought together the then divided Romanian states. After communists took control of Romania in 1948, Bran Castle became the property of the state. In 1956, communists opened the castle to the public as a history museum. The Royal Family finally regained control of Bran Castle in 2009.

Nowadays, Bran Castle is an extremely popular touristic attraction. However, it’s not famous because of its history, but because of its connection to Dracula. Touristic advertising refers to it as ‘Dracula’s Castle’.

Halloween Party at Bran Castle

Every year, around Halloween, the administration of Bran Castle organizes an unforgettable party. Our tours include this event either on its own or along with one or two additional parties in Sighisoara and Borgo Pass.

If you book a holiday to Bran Castle, you can take advantage of our skip the line service and then you will be able to avoid the long lines at the entrance. Enjoy a unique night tour of the castle and, after that, join us in the courtyard for a fun After Party.

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