Join us on our amazing Transylvania vacation packages. Our itineraries include the best Dracula related places, as well as important historical and cultural highlights. These include several old citadels which have survived countless attacks and sieges. One of the most significant citadels is Alba Carolina, located in Alba Iulia city.

Transylvania Vacation Packages – Alba Carolina Citadel


The star shaped citadel stands on the site of the ancient Roman castrum of Apulum, as well as on the site of the medieval citadel ‘Balgrad’. Alba Carolina’s shape is an element of Vauban architecture. As a fun fact, the city of Alba Iulia adopted this logo in 2014.

Although it doesn’t have anything to do with Vlad the Impaler (since the citadel did not exist during his reign), Alba Carolina is an impressive construction worth visiting. Nowadays, you can stroll through the citadel and then rest at one of the terraces and enjoy a coffee or a nice meal.

Other Highlights – The Unification and The Coronation Cathedral

Beyond the Alba Carolina Citadel, Alba Iulia is also famous for hosting the historical 1918 Unification. On December 1st, 1918, during The National Assembly in Alba Iulia, Transylvania officially became part of Romania. Since this is one of the most important moments in the history of our country, we naturally established December 1st as our National Day. During the Communist regime, the National Day was changed to August 23rd. On this day in 1944, King Michael I had Marshal Antonescu arrested and switched sides in the 2nd World War. This is important to the Communists because it marked the beginning of their rise to power.

Another important highlight in Alba Iulia is the Coronation Cathedral, situated in the vicinity of Alba Carolina citadel. This cathedral is famous for hosting the coronation of King Ferdinand and Queen Marie in October 1922. In fact, nowadays you can admire the busts of these monarchs at the entrance gate.

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