It takes the right kind of person to be a Romania travel guide; here are some of the qualities that make for a successful guide for a tour in Romania.

Romania travel guides

1. Good communication skills

Being a guide is all about having good communication skills and being a great story teller. Besides being a great story teller a guide should be able to identify what extra information people request and communicate that information to those interested in it. If he didn’t know the answer on the spot the guide should inform about that and research about and to come back with an answer later.

2. Personable Romania travel guide

The guide should not limit the communication in a one way manner; it should be a great conversationalist. When a group of tourists from different parts of the world show up at the start of a Romania tour it is essential for the guide to break the communication barriers between strangers and help people feel comfortable and communicate to each other and their guide. They should feel so comfortable so they don’t have any problems on addressing comments or ask questions.

3. Being A Local Romania travel guide

By birth or by adoption a good guide is a local that can give the tourists a feeling of immersion in the locals live and culture. The stories that the guide tells needs to sound like it are their own. A local guide can bring their own knowledge, experience and personal anecdotes to the tour

4. Improvisational skills

A good Romania travel guide should adapt his presentations to the mood of the group. If peoples are tired at the end of the day, or sleepy or in the morning are eager to find out new information the guide should adjust the quantity of the stories he wants to tell.

5. Plenty of Energy

A guide should be able to deal with long days, diversified group of tourists, crisis management, long walkings which requires a lot of physical and mental energy.

6. Good sense of humor

Humor can be the perfect tool to cut any tensions and add an extra layer for the enjoyment of a tour. Instructions about how to protect yourself against the vampire while you are traveling to Transylvania, Romania have to be provided with maximum seriousness.

7. Organizational skills

Punctuality is essential for a Romania travel guide. Every aspect of the organization have to look good, the logistics have to be flawless. The guides have to convince the tour goers that he is in trusted hands

8. Presentable Romania travel guide

A presentable guide has a smile on his face every time he begins to communicate with his guests. Important are also the mimics, the body position, the clothes, the tone and the volume of his voice the rhythm and the speed of his speech.

9. Empathy from Romania travel guide

Good guides have to understand that peoples coming from other cultures may not understand the way in which a society worked under a communist dictatorship for example. For this reason the guide have to explain how an individual thought and acted in those times. A feedback has to be requested from tourists during the tour to check if they understand or if they are happy with the tour.
Empathy helps the guide preventing the conflicts that may arise inside a newly formed group of tourists

10. A good ambasador for their country

No one pays for a tour in Romania to find out from the guide that he believe that we have a miserable and corrupt country. A guide represents his country and has to show to the tourists that he has not made a mistake by visiting it.

A guide should ask the tourists what they believe about Romanians. It has a duty to bring down stereotypes with honest discussions and provide his own experiences and opinions.

A good guide is aware that in front of foreign tourists he represents the Romanians therefore he should speak and act in a way that will convince the tourists what type of people Romanians are.

Here at Transylvania Live we take a great pride in our guides and the reviews that they generate from our previous tourists.

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