Have fun on the best tours of Romania. Join us and discover our amazing itineraries including important traditional and historical places, as well as impressive Dracula highlights. Throughout the year, we organize Vampire tours or Halloween tours with up to three parties included. In this article, you will find out more about Rasnov Citadel, one of the strongest medieval fortresses in our country.

Best tours of Romania – Rasnov Citadel


Rasnov Citadel is a peasant refuge fortress located 15 km away from Brasov. Its purpose was to defend the peasants in the surroundings. The fortress is famous for resisting several sieges in the past. Its inhabitants only opened their gates to the invaders once, because they ran out of water. In the courtyard, you can admire a famous fountain. According to legend, it is about 150 meters deep. Two turkish prisoners dug the fountain in exchange for their freedom. The same legend reveals that it took them 15 years to finish and then the ruler actually released them. In addition to this, another myth claims that several bags of golden coins were hidden at the bottom of the fountain. However, due to the depth of the fountain, nodoby attempted to verify if this is true.

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