Choose an unforgettable Halloween in Transylvania 2020 experience. Go on our tours and discover amazing Dracula related places and important cultural and historical highlights. One of these is the impressive Fagaras medieval citadel.

Vampire tours or Halloween in Transylvania 2020 – Fagaras Citadel

halloween in transylvania 2020

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The Fagaras Citadel, over 7 centuries old, has been the Transylvanian governor princes’ residence. The Transylvanian Dieta (consultative gathering) held meetings in the the fortress’ chambers. Rebelling peasants were usually imprisoned in the cellars. A secret tunnel used to link the fortress to the Olt river.

The original fortress was enlarged in the 15th and 17th centuries. When you arrive at the entrance, you will notice the deep moat surrounding the construction. In case of wars, invasions and other threats, the people guarding the fortress filled the moat with water as a defensive measure. Furthermore, the only way to enter the fortress used to be through a single bridge over the moat. Get ready for a special experience as you visit its three floors and five towers.

Recent history of Fagaras Citadel

Starting 1948, the Communist regime took control of Fagaras fortress and used it as a political prison. Nowadays, the impressive construction houses the Fagaras County Museum. Here, you can admire medieval weapons, traditional craftmanship exhibits and even Roman artifacts.

Visit the museum and then enjoy a medieval-style lunch in the old cellar – now turned into a restaurant. In addition, enjoy an unforgettable show performed by musicians and knights.

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